JK Arboriculture is a tree surgery company based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire...

and is ideally situated to carry out tree works in Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire although we are happy to travel further afield should it be required. The company is run by James Kay who has over 15 years experience as an Arborist and tree surgeon. James has worked in all aspects of tree work in Norway, Austria and  the UK. He has a National Diploma in Arboriculture  and several practical qualifications relating to tree work.

Here at JK Arboriculture we are experienced at providing high quality tree work from dismantling, felling and pruning trees to stump grinding, hedge trimming and hedge reductions. We offer an approachable and professional service and will leave the work site clean and tidy. The majority of our work is domestic home owners / householders, however we also carry out larger contracts like site clearances and tree work for larger businesses and local authorities.

We are fully insured to £5,000,000 public liability but have a zero claims history. All our staff are experienced and fully qualified with the relevant NPTC qualifications and our climbing equipment is checked every 6 months under 

Please feel free to contact us for advice or to obtain a free no obligation quote

07565 560955    /     01335 360408


  • Crown Thinning

  • Crown Reductions

  • Crown Lifting 

  • Deadwooding/Crown Clean
    Dead branches can be a risk to roads, footpaths and buildings, removal in a safe controlled manner can avoid damage or injury. A crown clean would also normally include removal of crossing and damaged branches.

  • Site Clearance 
    From small garden clearances to larger sites we are experienced in removing trees and vegetation.

  • Hedge Trimming and Hedge Reductions
    We can trim hedges of any size and because we have experienced climbers large hedge reductions are no problem.


  • Tree Planting
    We offer expert advice on species choice, and 
    undertake professional tree planting.

  • Dismantling/Felling 
    We specialise in removing trees in difficult locations e.g. trees with branches growing over buildings or 
    where access is difficult. We can dismantle trees safely and efficiently using advanced climbing and rigging techniques. 

  • Stump Removal
    We can remove tree stumps easily using a stump grinding machine.


  • Storm Damage
    Trees are often damaged by high winds and snow. We can remove any damaged or hung up branches to make the tree safe again or if the whole tree has become unsafe, remove it entirely.


  • TPO’s and Conservation Areas
    If your trees are covered by Tree Preservation Orders or are within a conservation area we can offer expert advice, liaise with your local tree officer and deal with all the relevant forms.



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